Sasha Crehan

SASHA CREHAN studied the Pastry Arts at Tante Marie’s Cooking School. After years of working as a pastry chef at Bay Area restaurants and bakeries such as Bay Wolf, Garibaldi’s, Café Rouge and Sweet Adeline Bakeshop, she returned to her alma mater to teach the Professional Pastry Course and many recreational classes.
Sasha has also worked as a freelance baker of specialty cakes and desserts for weddings and other celebrations. She believes that once her students understand the chemistry behind the magic of perfectly whipped egg whites, the multifaceted personality of sugar, and the glory of butter, they can fully immerse themselves in the joy of successful baking.

Upcoming classes taught by Sasha Crehan

Bûche de Noël (Yule Log)

Creating this impressive, ultra-festive European dessert at home is completely achievable and tons of fun! Instructor Sasha will help you to make the holiday season's most sought after sweet.

Mon Dec 20 | 5:30P

Doughs: Cookies and Crusts

Part of the Learn to Bake—Winter 2022 Series

Melted, chilled, creamed, browned—learn the function of butter and other fats in baking. We'll make a dazzling array of cookies and practice the skills you need to create superb pie and tart crusts.

Thu Jan 13 | 6P

Learn to Bake—Winter 2022

Learn the basics of baking with chef Sasha Crehan and our co-founder Jen Nurse in this four session course. We'll cover the ingredients and skills to transform your home baking.

Thu Jan 13 | 6P

Creams: Custards, Curds, and Ganache

Part of the Learn to Bake—Winter 2022 Series

Learn to make silky-smooth pastry cream, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate ganache and superlative tangy-sweet lemon curd, and use them to create a luscious array of pies and tarts.

Thu Jan 20 | 6P

Air: Meringues, Cream Puffs and Soufflés

Part of the Learn to Bake—Winter 2022 Series

Though it is absent from most ingredient lists, air is a crucial component in successful baking. We'll show you how to capture and use it to make ethereal meringue, crisp pâte à choux, and sky high soufflés.

Thu Jan 27 | 6P

Layer Cake

Part of the Learn to Bake—Winter 2022 Series

What better finale for our Learn to Bake series than a good old-fashioned layer cake? Learn to mix, bake, fill and frost for all of life's special occasions.

Thu Feb 03 | 6P