In-Person Cooking Class

The Wonders of Wonton (2.5 hr version)

Sun | Jan 28, 2018 | 4–8P PT

Teacher Lorraine Witte

Join Lorraine Witte, “The Chinese Lady”, a masterful home cook, raconteur, and author of A Pot of Rice to the Wonders of Wonton as she shares her deep knowledge of making wonton and the traditions of Chinese home cooking.

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Crispy Vegetarian Wontons
Spinach, Shallots & Feta

The Chinese Lady's Cilantro Pesto

About the teacher

Lorraine Witte

LORRAINE “The Chinese Lady” WITTE was born in Hawaii to Chinese immigrants and first became aware of her multicultural heritage through food. Her father showed her how to cook with his hands over hers, and the process of preparing food became part of her identity.
After a lifetime of eating and over fifty years of cooking instruction, consultation and owning a gourmet food line, Lorraine published A Pot of Rice to the Wonders of Wonton a memoir and cookbook showcasing both traditional and modern recipes for fabulous wontons of all kinds.
To The Chinese Lady, food is a form of meditation, as well as a way to share a great sense of satisfaction with others. As her father loved showing her how to cook, she now shares this ongoing passion with you.
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