Get Sharp - Knife Skills

Wed | Jan 24, 2018 | 6–10P

Part of the Learn to Cook - Winter 2018 Series

Teacher Frances Wilson

Teacher Jen Nurse

The fastest way to speed up your cooking is to hone your knife skills (and, while you're at it, hone the knife itself - we'll show you how!). Cutting up vegetables can seem like a chore but by the end of this class you will chopping, dicing and slicing like a pro. We will focus on preparing vegetables for weeknight meals.

Menu | Recipes

Golden Beet Borscht
(with Variations)

Dill and Walnut Pesto

Winter Salad
with Buttermilk Dressing


Winter 2018, Week I:
Get Sharp - Knife Skills

About the teachers

Frances Wilson

Chef Frances Wilson can’t remember a time when her life has not revolved around food, from an early age cooking with her mother and then professionally as a chef and teacher. There are some that will say it's all she ever thinks about!
Frances trained as a high school teacher of Home Economics in her native Ireland. She moved to Berkeley in 1999 and was Executive Chef of the award winning Lalime’s Restaurant for ten years. This was followed by four years as Culinary Director at Château Routas in Provence, France, where she catered to chateau guests and ran cooking classes.
Over the years, she has taught at many Bay Area locations including Sur La Table, Draegar’s and Ferry Building Farmers’ Market. She worked at Copia, The Center for Wine, Food and the Arts in Napa, developing programs and teaching.
Most recently, she was Professional Culinary Instructor at Tante Marie’s Cooking School in San Francisco, leading both the Professional Culinary Program and weekend specialty classes. She currently teaches at the Silverado Cooking School in Napa.
Frances is passionate about teaching people how to cook real food with great local ingredients. She wants people to know that cooking simple meals doesn’t have to be a chore, but can be fun time spent with family and friends.

Jen Nurse

As The Civic Kitchen’s co-founder and lead instructor, Chef Jen Nurse's passion is teaching home cooks the skills they need to gain confidence in their own kitchens. She relishes seeing the excitement on students' faces when they realize they’re mastering something they had feared. Her mission is to remind students to take in the world around them, to treat others with civility, to learn about and respect each other’s cultures – all through the medium of shared food experiences.
Before founding The Civic Kitchen, Jen led cooking classes for kids and adults at Tante Marie’s Cooking School, 18 Reasons, and elementary and middle schools throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
After years as a prolific and curious home cook, Jen studied pastry arts at the Art Institute of Seattle. Eventually, she scuttled her safe, 15-year telecommunications career to open an award-winning boutique bakery in Seattle. After relocating to San Francisco, she worked as a pastry chef and recipe developer before enrolling in Tante Marie’s professional culinary program to learn the savory side of cooking after years as a dessert aficionado. There she found her deepest love of cooking when she began to teach.
Jen credits her mother’s exceptional home cooking (crêpes with Mornay sauce? Go, Mom!), her beloved Aunt Josy’s beef empanadas, and a transformative teenage year in Brescia, Italy with sparking her culinary curiosity.