In-Person Cooking Class

LIVE! with Salt+Spine

Pasta & a Podcast

Sat | Sep 28, 2019 | 6:30–9P PT

Guest Host Brian Hogan Stewart

Special Guest Allison Arevalo

You are invited to attend a special dinner and live recording session of Salt + Spine, the podcast on stories behind cookbooks. Host Brian Hogan Stewart will be joined by Allison Arevalo, co-founder of Oakland’s Homeroom restaurant, as she introduces The Pasta Friday Cookbook: Let’s Eat Together.
We will greet you with Allison’s Simple Tomato Salad Crostini and a glass of wine, with time to settle cozily into a spot at our communal dining tables. As you enjoy a family-style feast of Dad’s Roasted Red Pepper Sauce with Cannolicchi (and Crispy Spicy Proscuitto on the side, if you’re into that) and Fennel Salad with Grapes, Pine Nuts, and Aged Provolone and some crackly-crusted bread, we invite you to sit back and enjoy the live podcast recording.
Dessert and book* signing with Allison will wrap up the evening, as you mingle with your fellow audience members and depart with a new cookbook to inspire future convivial pasta Fridays at home.
class notes:
*A copy of The Pasta Friday Cookbook: Let’s Eat Together is included in the ticket price for this event.
Please note: This is not a hands-on cooking class.

Our Menu

Simple Tomato Salad Crostini
Dad's Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
with Cannolicchi
Crispy Spicy Proscuitto
Fennel Salad
with Grapes, Pine Nuts, and Aged Provolone
Crusty Bread
Guest Host

Brian Hogan Stewart

BRIAN HOGAN STEWART is the host and creator of Salt + Spine. He is a once-budding chef who passed on a culinary school degree to pursue journalism. He’s not a professional cook nor a cookbook author—but an avid home cook and an enthusiastic cookbook collector, with a collection now in the hundreds. (That may seem like a lot to some, but he envies Diana Henry’s 4,000-book library almost daily!)
Brian has worked extensively in journalism and new media, including leading a media company featuring a daily newspaper with circulation of 50,000+, a nightly newscast, and multiple digital properties. He has conducted hundreds (and hundreds…) of interviews throughout his career, including time spent covering food culture and personalities in the midwest.
Brian is a native of Iowa and graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in journalism, English, and American studies.


Special Guest

Allison Arevalo

Allison Arevalo is an entrepreneur, chef, and food writer. Before starting the Pasta Friday movement, she co-founded Homeroom restaurant in Oakland, California and co-authored the best-selling Mac and Cheese cookbook.
Allison has made numerous TV appearances on the Travel Channel, the Cooking Channel, and others, and she’s been featured on local and national news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal and the Restaurant Unstoppable podcast.
When she’s not cooking or writing, you’ll find her running through windy trails or over the Brooklyn Bridge. Although this book was written while she lived in Oakland, Allison now lives in Brooklyn with her husband Alejandro and their two sons, Nico and Luca. Find her at and on social channels @pastafriday.