Taiwan Pop-Up Dinner

Sun | Jun 16, 2019 | 6–8:30P PT

Teacher Henry Hsu

Teacher Valerie Ng

Taiwan is one of the most exciting countries in Asia for a tasting tour. Its unique culinary heritage began with the original Austronesian people and has been enriched by elements from Fujianese, Hakka, and Teowchow settlers from the 17th to 19th centuries, the 50-year Japanese occupation, and the influx of Chinese nationalist dissidents who fled to the island after China’s civil war in 1949.
Henry Hsu and Valerie Ng will introduce you to the island nation’s dynamic cuisine at The Civic Kitchen’s first pop-up dinner.
class notes:
This event is a seated dinner at The Civic Kitchen. There is no hands-on component - other than eating a delicious meal. Come with your appetite and curiosity for the culinary history of Taiwan.
Your ticket gets you everything on the menu plus a glass of wine, Taiwanese beer or oolong tea.

Menu for the Evening

The menu for the evening:
  • Xiao Chi (small eats)
    - Fried Peanuts with Anchovies
    - Salted Duck Egg Sweet Potato Fritters
    - Garlicky Cucumbers
    - Ba Wan (Taiwanese Meat Dumpling)
    - Fresh lumpia spring rolls
  • Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup - “The National Dish”
  • Dou Hua “Tofu Flower” - Silken Tofu w/ Sweet Potato and Taro Mochi and Ginger Syrup
About the teachers

Henry Hsu

Henry Hsu is what some would call a polymath, having worked as an architect, anthropologist, designer and public health advocate. Luckily for us he’s now in the food world. When Henry’s not working as the Community Manager at Oakland tofu maker Hodo Foods, he is immersed in other parts of the Bay Area food culture. He teaches dumpling classes as Oramasama Dumplings, works at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market for Green Gulch Farms and leads food tours for Edible Excursions. In addition he enjoys and excels at evangelizing about the food of his native Taiwan. Besides making a killer version of Taiwan’s national dish of beef noodle soup, Henry also makes delicious dumplings.

Valerie Ng

Valerie Ng is an account manager at Hodo Foods, the Bay Area’s organic tofu purveyor, and a teaching assistant at The Civic Kitchen. Eating her way through France and Spain during her student years started her interest in food. She loves to cook and has worked for many years as a culinary assistant where she has helped students learn new skills, recipes and techniques. A trip through China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan inspired her to share regional Chinese cuisine and culture with others. Alongside her colleagues from Hodo, she has cooked several tofu-focused pop-up dinners, and she is now excited to share the cuisines of the Chinese diaspora.